The Peach Keeper: A Novel

The Peach Keeper - Sarah Addison Allen This wasn't terrible, but it lacks that spark of magic Allen's readers have grown to love. Late in the book there's a chapter called "The Joker, the Stick Man, the Princess, and the Freak." That should have been the book's title. There's not really anything about "peach keeping" in the story except one little thing near the end that feels like it was tossed in to justify the title. The story's about four thirty-year-olds who finally come to terms with high school pettiness and decide to get on with their lives. I couldn't really relate because I pretty much forgot high school slights and disappointments by the time I was about twenty-one. Do thirty-year-olds really confront each other about stupid stuff they did as teenagers? I never attended any of my high school reunions, so I wouldn't know. Maybe this is just a small town thing. The story felt pretty silly to me. So all in all, this is a squishy little bit of nothing. Kind of like eating chocolate macaroons for breakfast. First mouthful: "Mmmmm, that's good!"Second mouthful: "I feel a little ill."Third mouthful: "I should have eaten something more substantial, but I've gone this far, so I'll just finish it and hope my pancreas won't shut down."