Middlesex: A Novel

Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides As of today, this is officially the WORST book I have ever tried to read. I've read some bad books, but this one is off the scale for unbearably annoying! In Moonlight Mile, one of the characters refuses a suggestion by saying: "I'd rather be getting a colonoscopy during a root canal." I have to thank Dennis Lehane for that one, because it's exactly how I feel about reading Middlesex. I'd rather have those invasive medical procedures simultaneously than be forced to read this book all the way to the end.As if the thing wasn't bad enough already, Eugenides then had to go and tell it in the first person, which should have been the death knell for this piece of rubbish. But NO! They had to go and give it the Pulitzer Prize! I'm gradually losing respect for that award. It used to be a measure of quality, but now I'm starting to look at it the way I look at Oprah's Book Club. It tells me which books to avoid---The P.-U.-litzer! The National Book Award is a much more reliable indicator of books worthy of my time.