Bossypants - Tina Fey So yeah, I was a Tina Fey virgin. Her name meant nothing to me until this book came out. [Insert gasp of incredulity.] People say, "You know, Saturday Night Live?" To which I say, "You know, no telly in my domicile?"No, I don't really live under a rock. I just tune out nonessential information. Anyway, I like Tina because she's funny in the way I would be funny if I were actually capable of being funny on a regular basis. I listened to the audio book, which is really the only way to go with this one, because face it, delivery is everything. Had I attempted the print version, I probably would have dropped it early on. I didn't love it. Parts of it are just so-so. But I did enjoy some parts an awful lot, to the point of hysterical belly laughs. There's a line from a song in A Chorus Line that says, "Those stage and movie people got there because they're special." If Tina Fey and her pals are any measure, those stage and movie people got there because they're NUCKING FUTZ! Oh, and also? Tina Fey is the only person I know of who has used the words "cavernous vagina" in a sentence. Wish I'd thought of that one first. [Let the foregoing example serve as fair warning to sensitive readers. Fey is not suitable for the easily offended.]And by the way, when I first saw the cover of this book, I thought it was called BossyPARTS. Left me wondering which of Tina's parts were the bossy ones.