Love All: A Novel

Love All: A Novel - Callie Wright Rating = 3.5 stars"Marge's nakedness was a sliver of earthbound moonlight."So begins The Sex Cure, a novel based in truth that rocked the community of Cooperstown, New York back in 1962. Character names and occupations were poorly disguised, and residents lived in fear that their indiscretions were included in the novel for their family and friends to feast upon. Over thirty years later, repercussions from The Sex Cure are still threatening the foundations of one Cooperstown family. The plot is deceptively simple, being an exploration of marital infidelity and teenage insecurity. Where Callie Wright excels is in illustrating the domestic landscape through the eyes of three generations of the same family. Each of us is more self-absorbed than we like to admit. When a family begins to fracture, each member views the changes from that self-absorbed perspective, too often missing the clues that might have saved the family before it was too late. The novel alternates among the viewpoints of all the family members. Fifteen-year-old Julia's story is the only one told in the first person, and her chapters were by far my favorite. She and her best friends Sam and Carl have been inseparable since childhood, and they even have a secret language that continues to evolve. Now they've reached that transition age where boy/girl friendships become complicated. Julia knows the threesome cannot remain innocent and inviolate. She has a lot of adjusting to do, with friendships and family dissolving or being re-shaped. But she has the optimism of youth and the knowledge that she is loved, and in the end we know she's going to survive and thrive.