The Sugar Queen

The Sugar Queen - Sarah Addison Allen This one wasn't as magical and playful as Garden Spells, but I still enjoyed it. I'm not into romances, but Sarah Addison Allen throws in some magical and humorous elements, and she doesn't get too mushy or graphic with the romance stuff. The pieces of the puzzle fit together a little too neatly in this story. It could have used a little more complexity. I especially liked the way books intervene in Chloe's life in a magical way. They won't leave her alone! And she never has to pay for them. There's a sweet twist at the end regarding Della Lee which also made me smile. I had to chuckle at the beginning of the book when the author refers to "the high mountains of North Carolina." Them ain't mountains, deah, them are BUMPS. You want to see high mountains, come out West.