11/22/63 - Stephen King Thank you, Steve. You were wrong all those years ago when you said you weren't very good at writing about love and intimacy. The love story here is full of honesty and tenderness. When I got to the last couple of pages, I was crying so hard I couldn't read.11/22/63 is a supernatural, quasi-historical, philosophical, science-fiction love story. If you're avoiding it because you think Stephen King only writes horror, please reconsider. There's no horror here, aside from a couple of mild gross-out scenes. I know my experience would have been cheapened by knowing too much beforehand, so I'm not going to tell you what it's about in the style of a traditional book review. Be it on someone else's head to spoil your fun. So why should you read it? *There is DANCING! *There is time travel -- Stephen King-style, with some original twists on the old device. *There is a special treat for fans of It, King's novel about Pennywise the Clown.*There is a charming (yet brutally honest) portrayal of American life in the late 50s and early 60s.*There is DANCING!*There is pie-throwing!*There is sweet romance without sappiness.*There is poundcake!*There is derring-do! (With poundcake for afters.) *There is insight into Lee Harvey Oswald and his associates, and their activities prior to 11/22/63.*There is DANCING!*There is a subtle but amazing use of "the past" as a character with an agenda of its own.*There is snappy dialogue laced with humor.*There is high school theater. *And there is DANCING! Because dancing is life. Thanks again, Steve. There's always room for you on my dance card.