The House at Riverton

The House At Riverton - Kate Morton 3 1/2 starsThis is not too bad if you're looking for a fairly in-depth romance/mystery combination. It goes into quite a lot of detail about the moneyed classes and their household servants in England in the early 20th century. So many families were torn apart and so many lives painfully altered by World War I.I might have gone with four stars except that it's longer than it needs to be. That seems to be Kate Morton's style. Lots and lots of detail about domestic life. I also didn't rate it higher because it leans more toward romance than mystery, and I prefer the balance tipped the other way.There's one big revelation partway through the book that is so patently obvious right from the start, I didn't even consider it part of the mystery. The revelation at the end was a big surprise to me, though. It hinges on such a small misunderstanding that could have been cleared up so easily. How often were people's lives irrevocably changed by that stoic silence and fear of stepping out of line in the social hierarchy?