Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox - Mr. Fox outwits three farmers who are trying to kill him because he steals food from them. All the animals who live underground (rabbits, badgers, foxes, etc.) are starving. They can't go above ground because the farmers are waiting to blast away at them. Mr. Fox finds a way to steal food and drink for everyone by tunneling directly to the various farms. All the critters celebrate with a huge feast. I found it odd that all the animals were praising and cheering Mr. Fox for his ingenuity in "saving" them from starvation. It was his fault they were starving to begin with. He's the one the farmers were after. Ah, well, that's Dahl for ya. Maybe the critters were drunk and confused after drinking some of that apple juice that had turned to hard cider in the cellar. ;-0