Lies You Wanted to Hear

Lies You Wanted to Hear - James Whitfield Thomson The publisher has requested that I not post a full review too far in advance of the book's publication. Therefore, I'll just mention a couple of important things: 1) If you're planning to read this novel, don't read any detailed reviews. The only thing that kept me wanting to continue reading was the fact that I had no idea what was coming. Any hint of that ahead of time would have ruined it for me. 2) Parts 1 and 2 were well-written but sort of ho-hum domestic fiction for me. It took me a while to read them. However, when I got to Part 3, I read the last 130 pages all in one sitting because I had to find out what happened. All in all, a nice first outing for James Whitfield Thomson, and a tip of the hat to him for having his first novel published at the age of 67.