Sing You Home

Sing You Home - Jodi Picoult This story is slightly corny at times, but Jodi Picoult gets bonus points for guts. She's bound to get complaints from both sides of the arguments presented in the book. There will be gay people who say she got things all wrong or trivialized them, and the hate-mongering, gay-bashing religious zealots will probably send her death threats. All the common remarks and complaints about Picoult's novels are valid. They're formulaic, reductive, predictable, oversimplified, and they rely a little too heavily on the emotional hook. BUT, she appeals to an audience that might not otherwise examine the topics she covers. I give her credit for using her writing gifts to explore sensitive and timely concerns. She could easily choose instead to write fluffy, vapid chick lit and avoid the risk of being taken to task for her presentation of touchy subjects.If you prefer not to attempt the more subtle and challenging literature addressing homosexuality, Sing You Home is a worthy choice. Picoult treats the issues with compassion and a welcome helping of hearty humor. The book is loaded with snappy quips and a lot of good jokes I can't wait to use.