The General's Daughter (Paul Brenner Series #1)

The General's Daughter - Nelson DeMille Excellent mystery. Kept me up late a few nights. I figured out early on who killed the general's daughter, but DeMille did some skillful misdirecting to make me question my guess for a few hundred pages. Sneaky devil. Some of the characters here are depraved in a way I wouldn't expect from DeMille, but they serve his purpose. He highlights some problems created by having males and females serving side by side in the military. I loved the witty banter between investigators Paul Brenner and Cynthia Sunhill. The set-up is similar to DeMille's John Corey/Kate Mayfield relationship. Take a wise-cracking, middle-aged guy, very good at his job but doesn't play by the rules. Pair him with a much younger, smarter but less experienced female who keeps him humble and is handy with the snappy retorts. A little sexual tension and a lot of great dialogue. Works well for DeMille and his readers. Bestest line in the whole book: "In fact, he's rather tight-assed, and if you put a lump of coal up his butt, he'd produce a diamond within a week."