Arcadia - Am I just the buzzkill who wouldn't drop acid at the party? Did someone shut off the volcano that fueled my lava lamp? How do I explain my huge disappointment in this book? I, who loved The Monsters of Templeton and Delicate Edible Birds, found Arcadia unreadable. Why? The story is slave to the style. Groff uses a floaty, present tense, semi-random flow that very nearly resembles a plot, but not quite. Everything is seen through the eyes of Bit, a little boy who somehow doesn't seem to be "all there" upstairs. There's no appreciable dialogue or character development. The whole thing has a sort of dreamlike quality, which I suppose will appeal to some readers. This is a weird book that a lot of people will like. It breaks my heart to give it one star because I like Lauren Groff. But I hated the book. Resented it, too, because I was so looking forward to it. Sorry folks. Buzzkill over.