The Portable Dorothy Parker

The Portable Dorothy Parker - Dorothy Parker, Marion Meade I only read from page 445 to the end. Her short stories take up the first several hundred pages. They are dry and boring and contain not a hint of her trademark wit, so I skipped them. The miscellaneous non-fiction pieces at the back of the book are the jewels in her scribbler's crown. Book reviews, theater critiques, magazine articles, and private letters -- a cornucopia of her peculiar observations and famed turns of phrase. Parker was a very funny lady, and a brutally honest one as well. Her writing has barbs, but it's all in fun, and she's just as likely to pick on herself as on anyone else.Alexander Woollcott once affectionately said of Dorothy Parker: "That bird only sings when she's unhappy." True perhaps, but what a voice. Forget the short stories. Read the non-fiction. Her style hums with more personality than any writer I've ever read.