The Reversal (Harry Bosch Series #16 & Mickey Haller Series #3)

The Reversal - Michael Connelly A SINGING TELEGRAM FROM ME TO MICHAEL CONNELLYNobody does it better,Makes me forget all the rest, Nobody does it half as good as you, Baby you're the best...Every time I'm disappointed by some other author in the genre, it just makes me appreciate Connelly's skills all the more. He leaves all the others in the dust. I read the last 215 pages of this one all in a night. Stayed up till 2:00 a.m. No one else can make me focus like that.This book is a Mickey Haller/Harry Bosch hybrid. It takes place several months after the events in Nine Dragons. If you are a fan of the Harry Bosch series and you hate spoilers, do not read The Reversal until you've read Nine Dragons. This has been a public service announcement.