Adrift But Not Shipwrecked

Right now I have no idea how much I will be participating here on Book Likes. The recent madness surrounding us amateur reviewers has me rethinking the amount of time and work I want to put into sharing my reading experiences. So far I've found this site awkward and inconvenient to use, but maybe there's just a steep learning curve for semi-Luddites like me.


Have I lost my usefulness as a reviewer? Have I just plain burned out? Am I just getting lazy? All of the above? As I grow older I try to remain flexible and not resist change -- to "go with the drift of things". So I will let things unfold in a way that feels right for me. I hope this new space will help me get out of my comfort zone with regard to how I've written reviews over the past few years. If you don't see a lot of action here, it's because I have a lot less time to read than I used to. It doesn't mean I've disappeared completely. I do love the blogging option here on Book Likes. Maybe I'll overcome my timidity and find new avenues of expression. Welcome to my journey.