Elders: A Novel - Ryan McIlvain The plot isn't particularly compelling. It's a lot of mission-speak and knocking on doors and arguing over church doctrine. But McIlvain writes well, and the book is interesting if you look at it from a non-fiction perspective. Elder McLeod, the doubter, is probably a pretty close match for the author, who has left the Mormon church. So it's worth reading if you want to see one ex-Mormon's take on missionary life in Brazil.If you're a practicing Mormon and you can't resist taking a peek to see what McIlvain has to say about your sacred traditions, just be aware there is some foul language and some sex talk. If you can tolerate that, it doesn't seem like there would be much you'd find objectionable, unless you're specifically looking for ways to be offended. It's not as if he set out to slam the church. It seems more like a fictionalized memoir of his own missionary experiences.