The Execution of Noa P. Singleton: A Novel - Elizabeth L. Silver Rating = 3.5 starsNO SPOILERS, and therefore a somewhat vague review.I think this is going to be quite popular when it comes out this summer. It was compelling enough that I read it in three days. Noa is a convincing narrator with an unusual life story to tell. Her voice is gritty and sarcastic and resigned, just as you'd expect from someone incarcerated for ten years and awaiting execution for capital murder. Although I'm not sure I liked Noa herself, I did like her narration. Noa killed Sarah Dixon ten years ago, and all of her appeals have been used up. Now she's just counting down the months until the state of Pennsylvania takes her life. Her only visitors are Oliver Stansted and Marlene Dixon, Sarah's mother. Marlene claims that all she wants from Noa is to know why she killed Sarah, but Marlene's a slimy operator, and her true motivations are never made clear. It seems she wants to revel in Noa's suffering. Oliver is a young, idealistic lawyer from England who sincerely wants to save Noa's life. It is for Oliver that Noa begins her narrative, alternating her life history with the events taking place in the present. My favorite rating is 3.5 stars, which means I always have to agonize over rounding up or rounding down. My primary reason for rounding down is that there was a feeling of incompleteness when I finished the book. There's too much we don't get to find out about the characters, so their motivations and behaviors don't quite make sense. The only person we really get to know is Noa P. Singleton, and even her behaviors don't always seem to fit what we know about her. I appreciate the brevity of the novel, but I think it might have benefited from a bit more depth. I do realize that's tough to pull off without an omniscient narrator.ONE GLARING ERROR I HOPE WILL BE CORRECTED IN THE FINAL VERSION: Noa tells of a medical emergency she had in her college library. She says it took place in the "N" section, then goes on to list all the subjects beginning with N -- Nefertiti, Napoleon, North Korea, etc. Psssssst...Nonfiction books are not shelved alphabetically.