The Colour of Milk - Nell Leyshon my name is jeanette. j.e.a.n.e.t.t.e.i am very tall and my hair is the colour of weak tea.this is my review and i am writing it by my own hand in the year of our lord twenty-thirteen.i did read this book, and my teeth did grind and my eyes did cross for that there were no upper-case letters on any page. no, nary a one. nor were there any quotation marks neither.i understand that the narrator is barely literate, and it is for this that we are meant to see that she does not know proper punctuation and capitalization. i did puzzle over this. for if she has only just learned to read and write, how is it that she can spell challenging words like hierarchy with never a dictionary nearby? when i finished the reading of this book i did say,holy mackerel, that was bleak!or it may be that it was wholly mackerel which i did say, for i do not know if mackerel are holy. the story is wholly bleak and not holy. this i do know. as i closed this book i did blink my eyes. blink blink. and i wondered, for i could not help myself. and the thing which i wondered was this:did the author write this on her mobile phone? using only her thumbs?this is my review and i have been writing it by my own hand. every word i spelled out. every letter i wrote.