Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir - Jenny Lawson Skull and crossbones on this one if you're easily offended. So no whiners, okay? I mean it. Just....no whining. This is the most hilarious vagina memoir ever written. Okay, so technically it's not just about vaginas, but she mentions hers more often than anyone I've ever known who actually owns one. And besides, I had to throw that out there right at the start, so if you're going to get all upset you can just get it overwith and stay. away. from. the. book. Should you choose to read it anyway, don't come back to me all complainy about how crass she is. Oh, and also? This book is not suitable for people who dislike frequent interjections of words beginning with "f" and ending with "u-c-k." And I mean with no letters in between the "f" and the "u-c-k," so "firetruck" doesn't count. So just to be clear: To my knowledge there is no use of the word "firetruck" in this memoir. You've been warned. NB: Jenny's dad is a taxidermist, so there are also a lot of dead animals in this memoir. But there are some adorable live ones, too. Especially if you like robertcats. (I know, most people call them bobcats, but I prefer to use robertcat until we get to know each other better.)So be impressed. This book is chock full of curse words, and I managed to write my review without officially using any of them.