History: A Novel - Elsa Morante Was it good for you, Jeanette?Oh, thank you for asking, lover. No, it wasn't good for me. I left before I came. I can't give this one star because that would mean it's a piece of garbage, which it most certainly is not. For the right kind of reader I'm sure it could be an amazing novel. Who is that right kind of reader? One who doesn't mind, or even enjoys, long, long, very long expository passages. One who doesn't mind, or even enjoys, long, sometimes very long, descriptions of a person's features or mental processes. I am not that reader. (I make exceptions, of course, for certain of my favorite authors who can hold my interest with those long passages.) If you like those dreadfully slow-moving Russian novels from Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky and their ilk, this one might work for you as well. For me, the most impressive thing about it was the quality of the translation from Italian.