Line of Fire - Stephen White How Stephen Got His Groove Back. I was disappointed by The Last Lie, but White is back in fine form with this one. I blew through it lickety-split. I might have even gone with five stars if not for all the stuff about Amanda's brother's boners (yes, THAT kind of boner). That got old, and didn't contribute much to the plot. Things get pretty chaotic in Boulder for Alan Gregory and Sam Purdy, what with forest fires and psychos and friends who lose their coping skills, not to mention the stirring up of old diabolical deeds that Alan and Sam thought they'd gotten away with. If anyone really had a life like these guys, they'd have perpetual PTSD. The next Alan Gregory book will be the last in this 20-year-long series. White left a lot of things wide open at the end of Line of Fire, so he's got plenty of options for how to tie it all up in the grand finale.