My Cross to Bear - Gregg Allman 3.5 starsThis is tough to rate. Gregory's style is conversational and easy to read and often hilarious. It's like he's just sitting there on your sofa telling you about his life, complete with colorful Southern expressions and lots of swearing. I blew through the second half in one afternoon. The first half is heavy on the drugs and sex, and could rightly be called MY CROTCH TO BARE. Mr. Allman was apparently known among the ladies and his bandmates as quite the cocksman, and he likes to pound away on that subject. (Choice of words entirely intentional on my part.) He and his buddies also had serious problems with drug and alcohol addiction, and it gets a little old reading about people willfully destroying their young bodies. The second half still has the drugs and sex, but Gregory grew up a little, got clean and sober, and focused more on the music as he got older. If you're not a serious fan of the Allman Brothers in their various incarnations, a lot of the book will probably be meaningless. There are tons of names of people I've never heard of before. I did enjoy the trip back in time to the '60s and '70s, when the world was more laid back and less fearful.