The Inquisitor: A Novel - Mark Allen Smith Geiger is a torture artist, but he prefers to call his work "information retrieval." He has a special gift in that he can always tell when someone is lying. He also has a soft spot for kids, but he's not aware of how soft that spot is because he has never hung out with any kids. When twelve-year-old Ezra appears in Geiger's "studio," we begin to see a side of Geiger no one knew existed -- including Geiger himself. The Inquisitor is one darned good debut thriller. Mark Allen Smith has some years of experience in the film and TV industries, so he's got a handle on dialogue, setting up scenes, and creating a smooth story flow. Given the subject matter, the story isn't particularly high on the gruesome scale. There are some pretty squinky spots in the torture scenes, so take heed, thou of delicate constitution. Best things about Geiger: 1) He has no TV in his home. 2) He doesn't eat garbage food. His first visit to a Burger King is a bewildering experience. Worst things about Geiger:1)Well....he tortures people. 2)Recovered memories. This was the one hokey thing in the story. Don't let it get to you. Give a hearty scoff and move on.Best line in the book: "What's a Cobb salad?"