The Sojourn - Andrew Krivak When I looked back over my 2011 reading year, I found there were just too many times when I finished a book I wasn't enjoying simply because I'd gone so far into it that I figured I may as well push on to the end. For 2012 I've decided to change that. So, sorry to say, The Sojourn is the first victim of my new policy.I read a little over half of the book. Were I to finish, I'd probably give it three stars. Andrew Krivak writes well and the plot has potential. But the more I read, the flatter it felt to me. Character development is minimal. In good fiction we learn a lot about the characters through what they say to each other and how they say it. The Sojourn is short on dialogue and heavy on exposition. And it happens to be my least favorite kind of expository writing -- paragraph-long, comma-laden sentences that leave me wondering what I just read. Much of what I read seemed like a recitation of what the author gleaned in his research rather than a progression of plot. That probably sounds unfair, but I don't care to put any more time into explaining myself. For a balanced perspective, be sure to check out some of the more favorable reviews of the book.