The Drop - Michael Connelly This is another one of those books where I feel the need to mention that the book flap contains more information than I would want to know before reading the book. I always enjoy Michael Connelly for his finesse as a writer in a genre with its share of hacks. He's always right on top of the latest developments in technology and law related to police work in Los Angeles. This book is no exception in that regard, but the plot and conclusion felt a little worn out to me. Harry Bosch is working two cases. One is a cold case involving the murder of a young woman in 1989. The other is a fresh case involving the apparent suicide of a city councilman's son. And looming in Harry's future is the threat of mandatory retirement. Oh what will Harry do with himself when he can no longer solve crimes and irritate the higher-ups in the LAPD? He's hoping for the longest possible extension of his career under the DROP -- Deferred Retirement Option Plan. The book's title has a double meaning, but you'll just have to read it to find out the second one.For the somewhat weak plot lacking in action, 3.5 stars. I'm rounding up to four stars for Connelly's usual excellence in all other respects.