Dr. No - Ian Fleming "Smith and Wesson ineffective against flamethrower." True. But that doesn't prevent James Bond and Honeychile Rider from besting the mad and ruthless Dr. No. Best to avoid the Bond series if you're squeamish about creepy, hairy, many-legged scritchy things like tarantulas, centipedes, crabs, and scorpions. Also fearsome sea creatures like piranhas, giant squid, and octopi. The bad guys always find diabolical uses for the uncute members of the animal kingdom. Dr. No has a more comprehensible plot and and slightly more satisfying ending than the other two Bond novels I've read, so it gets an extra star. These books were written in the 1950s, so brace yourself for some unapologetic racism and sexism. This one takes place in Jamaica, so it also dishes up a hearty dose of superior colonial attitudes.