Triumph - Carolyn Jessop,  Laura Palmer 3 1/2 starsThe first half of the book is a really interesting account of the Yearning For Zion raid fiasco in Texas. Jessop has a unique perspective as a former FLDS woman who was married to one of the most powerful men in the cult. She was asked for assistance with the YFZ situation, especially with regard to working with the children who had been removed from the compound. The second half of the book rehashes quite a bit of what was in Escape, Jessop's first book. She does add new perspectives and stories, though, and gives updates on how things have played out since Escape was written. I was glad to learn the rest of the story. The book was repetitive at times, but on the whole I enjoyed it. I admire her courage and dogged determination. I really do. I just wish she could dial down the "I'm so fantastic" tone in her style of relating.