Darkness, My Old Friend - Lisa Unger If you like to sniff other people's emotional and psychological armpits, this book will probably work for you. Me? I'm letting it go after 170 pages. Lisa's good at pit-sniffing, if that's what you're into. I was expecting a mystery/thriller like her other books. So, imagine a small town in the Northeast where NONE of the citizens are average and mostly boring like you and me. Absolutely everyone is screwed up, hiding secrets, trying to reconcile traumas from many years ago that they've all suddenly decided they need to come to terms with RIGHT NOW. AND...They all just keep bumping up against each other. Surprise! All their weirdness is somehow intertwined, even though some of them aren't even originally from this little town. Oh, and they're almost all in therapy, so we get to sniff their psychological socks, too.*One guy is a sociopath, and he's about to do something awful to his family. His wife is a fool who knows he's planning something, and she should get out right away, but gee, I'm just not quite ready yet, so I'll stick around and wait for the hammer to fall!*One lady had a horrible accident many years ago that put her in a coma and when she woke up--WHEEEEE!!--she had developed magical psychic powers!*One guy's mother disappeared many years ago, while he was still a boy, and now, all of a sudden, he's decided he's going to find out what happened to her, just when all this other weird stuff is going on in town! And on and on it goes with all the characters. I couldn't see any cohesive story developing. Unger just skips back and forth between all these characters. I couldn't stay interested for more than a few pages at a time, so I decided to let it go rather than force myself to read it and then bitch about it. It may eventually go somewhere good, but after just recently slogging through The Upright Piano Player four or five pages at a time, I couldn't do another one like that. If you decide to read it all the way to the end and you really like it, that's groovy. I certainly wouldn't discourage anyone from giving it a try.