Buried Prey - John Sandford The best thing about this installment is the 170 pages or so when you get to go back to 1985, three years before the first Prey novel takes place. Lucas is 23, and he's spent three years as a uniformed patrolman. He finally gets his chance to make his bones as a plainclothes homicide dude. This is when he's first getting to know some of our favorite characters like Del Capslock and Sloan. Loved it! That first case from 1985 resurfaces (so to speak, heh heh) in the present day, and Lucas is all over it. As always, Sandford writes the absolute best "just among us guys" dialogue EVER. Realistic and sometimes hilarious. Some of the male/female dialogue is pretty stinkin' funny, too. I have to add that this is the only book in the Prey series that has ever made me cry. I can't say why. It would be an enormous spoiler. If you read it I'm sure you can guess what got me choked up. Oh, one other thing. I now know more than I ever wanted to about the finer points of peeing off a fishing boat, male version.