The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains - Nicholas G. Carr It just feels so wrong to spend time online writing a review about a book that tells us why we should spend less time online. Robert Frost awaits me, and I dasn't dally. I'll paste in my replies from the comments section and let that suffice. The two biggest things the internet is doing to our brains: 1)Reducing our ability to concentrate. We read small blocks of text and click on the next hyperlink. No focus. 2) Messing with our memory circuitry so we don't store info in our brains as well as we used to. The way we jump around online doesn't give our brains time to fix things in short-term, and thus long-term, memory. We aren't wired for the internet, in terms of how the brain works.The guy takes the whole friggin' book to tell you the above, though. Most of it is a discussion of brain plasticity studies, history, digressions, and more digressions.If you go into it knowing the title doesn't describe most of the contents, I think you'll enjoy the book, especially if you like to read about the brain. There's some pretty interesting stuff in that regard.