Ekaterina - Donald Harington May I be permitted to strangle this author? Pleeeeeez can I? I once thought there could be nothing more annoying than a novel written in the present tense by an author not qualified to pull it off. Oh, how mistaken I was. Here's something about twice as annoying: A NOVEL WRITTEN IN THE SECOND PERSON. Awful!! It's like reading a very long letter written to the main character telling her about her own experiences. Example from page 28: "Well, where have you been?" exclaimed Loretta Elmore when you used your key to let yourself into the mansion's foyer. "To main city. Shopping," you told her, and began to count the places on your fingers.AAAAAAAARRRRRGGHGGGHHH!!!!!!! I think the narrative perspective may change later in the book, but who cares? It's not worth the torture to find out.