The Sentry (Joe Pike Novels) - Robert Crais I had two favorite lines in this one. First was when the guy who drives a Prius says, "Go green, Mr. Pike, the planet needs love." HA! I just can't picture Joe Pike, all six-foot-one-inch, 200 pounds of him, tooling around in a little black Prius. Doesn't go with the image. My other favorite line is the great truth: "Men stayed sharp when it came to money. Men got stupid when it came to women." Even Pike is not immune. That SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guys) moment at the end was just too tender, wasn't it?! I guess even tough guys learn to treasure their friendships as they get older.I love Joe Pike, love Elvis Cole. My only criticism here is that Pike and Cole seem to get away with breaking too many laws. They commit some serious crimes in the course of their heroism. Who makes those problems disappear for them?