Snow Wolf - Glenn Meade This was a nice diversion with a better-than-average plot for a thriller of this type. There are a lot of twisty turns to hold your interest. It draws on an interesting premise: Stalin did not die naturally, he was murdered. Apparently his family did believe this. Who knows? Maybe it's true. There are the usual implausibilities inherent in the genre. They always make for a more exciting plot. The Russians mostly come out looking like a bunch of bumbling butterfingers, when in reality they were frighteningly formidable opponents. There's one great line in the book I'm going to have to use under the right circumstances. One of the characters knocks on a door, and a voice behind the door says, "Come in if you're good-looking." HA! So if the person comes in, they're conceited? Or just clueless? And if they don't come in, they're what? Ugly? Or humble? Or both?