The Riders - Tim Winton I will remember this book for its prose. Tim Winton's writing is at times astoundingly gorgeous. I enjoyed some of the characters, and the story in its pieces was worth reading. As a whole, however, the plot suffers from a lack of polish and planning. The entire book is ONE...BIG...TEASE!!!The Riders is at times dolorous, at times comic, and sometimes both simultaneously. The scene in the Amsterdam sex toy shop made me laugh so hard I had to put the book aside."People began to scramble across a drift of plastic penises." I could just picture the whole thing so vividly. And yet, it was really sad and pathetic that Scully had sunk low enough to have created that mess. By that point in the book I felt like he deserved the beating across the face with a dildo. A fitting punishment for a bonehead! ;-)I grew increasingly exasperated with this book the deeper I got into it. Tim Winton plants seeds of mystery and spookiness and never brings any of them to fruition. Even the title is a tease. He makes such a big deal about Scully's vision of "the riders" early in the book. It's spooky and exciting, and makes you think they'll be a significant part of the mystery. He mentions them again a time or two, but they're just another dropped thread. Why name the book for them?I was most fond of the Pete-the-Post character. I loved his Irish charm and humor, and his reliability. He barely knows Scully, but is always there willing to help. We all need a friend like that who will say "I've got your back" when we have nowhere else to turn.