The Wolves of Andover - Kathleen Kent Boy meets girl, 17th-Century style. This is the story of how Thomas and Martha Carrier met, fell in love, and married. If you've read The Heretic's Daughter, you know they didn't quite live happily ever after, but that's twenty years down the road from The Wolves of Andover. A little brush-up on English history is nice here, tied in to Thomas's life before he came to America. It's the stuff you learned in public school and then promptly dumped from your memory. When you read it you'll say oh, yeaaah, I remember Oliver Cromwell. Good ol' Ollie, regicide extraordinaire.I wondered what the author was getting at with the wolf-baiting scenes early in the book. It seemed to be an attempt to liken Martha to the wild things, she being already a veteran Wild Thing herself. "Wild Thing, you make my heart sing..." Thomas Carrier would definitely have sung her that song. Thomas and the Troggs, the Time Travel Troubadors. The wolf motif doesn't really fit in with anything else in the story, though, so it's probably a good thing they've already changed the title to The Traitor's Wife. But the new title is kind of a spoiler all by itself, isn't it?3 1/2 stars, bumped up to 4, because the second half redeems the first half.