The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles - Julie Andrews Edwards 3.5 stars for this one.I got really depressed when I started reading this book because Julie Andrews lied to me. She says in the intro about the Whangdoodle: "I had discovered him in my Webster's Dictionary. I assure you he is there. Go look him up." Um, there is NO "whangdoodle" in my big fat herkin' Webster's New World Dictionary. I looked three times. Julie Andrews lied to me. That's so depressing. It's like having frigging Mary Poppins lie to you! My favorite things about Whangdoodleland: 1)The Jolly Boat. It's joke-propelled. You have to keep telling jokes to get it moving. 2)The Whiffle Bird. "MAYDAY!" I'm certain I did not read this book as a child, but the Whiffle Bird seemed so familiar to me. Was there a movie? 3)The Oinck. When Professor Savant says, "It's a great pleasure to meet you," the Oinck replies: "Is it? I've never met me, so I wouldn't know." That just tickled me pickled. 4)The soda fountain. You stand in front of the mirror and tell it what sort of ice cream sundae you'd like, and it magically appears.