The Voice of the Poet: e.e. cummings - E.E. Cummings jake hates all the girls(theshy ones,the boldones,the meekproud sloppy sleek)all except the cold onespaul scorns all the girls(thebright ones,the dimones;the slimplump tiny tall)all except the dull onesgus loves all the girls(thewarped ones,the lamed ones;the madmoronic maimed)all except the dead onesmike likes all the girls (thefat ones,the leanones;the meankind dirty clean)all except the green onesThat was my favorite poem on this CD because it brought to mind Shel Silverstein's fun poetry. (Good Reads forces everything to the left margin, so the word placement is incorrect.) A great line from another poem, as timely as ever:a politician is an arse upon which everyone has sat except a manAnd this one: listen: there's a hellof a good universe next door; let's goMuch of e.e. cummings's work makes no sense to me, although his later poems are sometimes more graspable. I do like his playful use of word and letter placement and random punctuation. This CD comes with a booklet so you can read along and see how he placed things. Many years ago I had one of those magnetic refrigerator poetry sets. You could just grab words you liked and move them around until you liked your "poem." A lot of cummings's poems remind me of the long ago fridge creations my friends and I used to make after a few margaritas. For example, we might have come up with this if ol' e.e. hadn't beat us to it:stride after glide massacre monday didmore) ask a lifelump buried by the starnicked ends next among broken odds of yesterday's tomorrow (than today can guessSee what I mean?