Esio Trot - Quentin Blake, Roald Dahl I didn't know what this one was about when I grabbed it. I thought maybe "Esio Trot" was the name of a foreign little boy. Turns out it's "tortoise" spelled backwards. This one's kinda dumb. It was published the year Roald Dahl died, and I think he'd lost his edge by then. I'll give it three stars, though, because I would have liked it when I was at the appropriate age. My kid self would have liked this book because we used to have turtles as pets. Not tortoises like in the book, but those little turtles that were less than two inches long. They were easy to keep as pets, with a big glass bowl of water and a rock in the middle for Mr. Turtle to perch on. This was back before they were deemed a health hazard. Nowadays, you could get two pet turtles and name them Sam an' Ella! I don't remember what we used to feed our turtles. I don't think it was lettuce and cabbage like they feed the tortoises in this book. I don't think Mrs. Silver would really have liked Mr. Hoppy, though, because he would stink like tortoise poo from all the different sizes of tortoises he kept in his apartment to deceive her. Alfie's house looks like a gingerbread house. I don't like Quentin Blake's artwork very much. I don't know why they used him for almost all of Roald Dahl's books. The guy who did the illustrations for the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was SO much better.