My Cousin Rachel - Daphne du Maurier There is a mystery at the heart of this story, but it's mostly about unrequited puppy love in the extreme. I spent almost the entire book thinking don't do it, Philip, don't do it!, but he's a lovesick fool, and hardheaded to boot. I felt so sorry for Louise Kendall throughout the story. She's such a dear girl and loyal friend, and too decent to butt in when she ought to. I don't really know how to feel about Rachel. If I had a younger man gaga over me like that, I can't say I wouldn't take advantage of it in some way, although I'd be a lot more honest and open. Dame Daphne is the tease of all teases, stringing you along throughout an entire book thinking things are one way, then zapping you at the end with a big twist that places the entire story in a new light. She does the same thing in Rebecca, which I think is the better of the two books because it has a more sinister edge. If you care to delve a little deeper, you'll see that both stories are also about lack of communication and the assumptions made simply because people fail to ask the right questions or speak forthrightly. I know this isn't much of a review with regard to plot or characters, but I'm hesitant to review du Maurier for fear of giving something away that will steal something from another reader's enjoyment. Every little detail I discovered along the way was something I was glad no one had shared with me ahead of time. If you love old-fashioned storytelling and you're a reasonably patient reader, you'll enjoy My Cousin Rachel for all the lovely little details and skillful mind manipulation.