Mrs Daffodil - Gladys Taber Pure comfort reading. If ever there was a cozy book made for a fuzzy blanket and a cup of tea, this is that book. I found out about the book from More Book Lust by Nancy Pearl. Here's what Nancy has to say about the author and her work: "For years and years, Gladys Taber wrote a column called 'Butternut Wisdom' in Family Circle magazine, in which she shared with readers recipes and stories of her life in an old farmhouse in Connecticut that was filled with dogs and cats. Portions of her columns were compiled into such nonfiction titles as The Stillmeadow Road; Especially Dogs...Especially at Stillmeadow; and (my favorite) the novel Mrs. Daffodil, an affectionate self-portrait." The book is clearly autobiographical, funny and charming in a very old-fashioned style.