The Chateau - William Maxwell Enough! Bastante! Abbastanza! I'm not gonna try to read this anymore. Can this be the same author who wrote the pointed and precise So Long, See You Tomorrow? I spent days and days forcing myself to keep trying with this book. It was all I could do to get through a chapter a day, sometimes not even that. I made it to page 138. It felt more like drudgery than an enjoyable reading experience, so I quit. The book has its good moments. I stayed with it as long as I did because it was interesting to see what travel in Europe was like in 1948, when the effects of World War II were still very evident. That factor wasn't compelling enough to keep me reading, because the plot is so dull and the characters so annoying. If you love France and are quite familiar with it, this story might grab you. Otherwise, it's a frustrating grind.