Bird Egg Feather Nest (Maryjo Koch Series) - Maryjo Koch Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS artwork. And I learned quite a bit, too. It doesn't take long to read the text in the book, but I had to spend a long time gazing at the beautiful, brightly colored paintings. Sometimes I like to just examine all the individual brush strokes in the bird and feather paintings. Her attention to detail is exceptional.I'm ready and eager for more of Maryjo Koch's books. For my fellow bird freaks, here are just a few fun facts I found in the book: A human being with a metabolic rate comparable to that of a hummingbird's would burst into flames. Ostriches are 8 feet tall and weigh 300 pounds. The feather evolved over centuries from the frayed ends of ancient reptilian scales. One golden eagle nest, occupied continuously for 35 years, grew to measure 12 feet deep, 8 1/2 feet across, and weighed an astounding 2,000 pounds. Members of the hawk family have eyesight that is estimated at 4 to 8 times sharper than that of humans, perhaps the keenest sight of all living creatures.