The Spy Wore Silk - Aline Countess of Romanones Countess Aline was an American-born lady who was recruited by the Office of Strategic Services (later to become the CIA) during World War II. After training, she was sent to Spain as a spy. She subsequently married a Spanish count and continued to operate as a spy (codename = "Tiger") in Europe and elsewhere for many years. At the same time, she was raising three boys and living the privileged high society life in Spain. The best thing about Aline's books is that they really do read like novels. She highlights the most exciting and fascinating events and dispenses with the dull details. They're better than novels, though, because the events are true! In The Spy Wore Silk, Aline takes us to Morocco as she recounts her 1971 assignment to discover who was plotting to kill Morocco's King Hassan II. She participated in an elaborate ten-day hunting trip with the king's friends, advisors, and military leaders, hobnobbing with the high and mighty while sniffing out treachery. The trip turned out to be harrowing and life-threatening for Aline and others in the group, with intrigues at every turn. Her introduction to Morocco, while traveling with royalty in lavish and glittering style, is almost as thrilling as the spy story. The Spy Wore Red remains my favorite of Aline's books, but all of them are worth seeking out.