Three Cups of Deceit: How Greg Mortenson, Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way - Jon Krakauer I made three sincere attempts to read Three Cups of Tea before giving up. It was poorly written, and so self-congratulatory that I started thinking of it as "Three Cheers for Me!" Now I'm glad I didn't waste my time slogging through it. It's so full of lies, a more appropriate title would have been "Three Quarts of Wee." This little book is easy to understand, even if you haven't read Three Cups of Tea. Krakauer gives direct quotes from that book, then details specifically how they are untrue. Krakauer documents the pure fabrication that made Greg Mortenson's story so compelling for unwitting readers and contributors. Not only is Mortenson a pathological liar, he's also a thief. He spends hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) in donation money on himself. He ignores requests from financial managers of CAI (his charity organization) for documentation of how these funds are spent. A former treasurer of CAI says Mortenson "regards CAI as his personal ATM." Swindler, liar, narcissist Greg Mortenson has hurt a lot of dedicated, good-hearted people, and he has squandered millions of dollars that could have been used to improve so many lives. Equally offensive is the way he created ill will in Pakistan and Afghanistan by telling lies about people there who had shown him hospitality and trusted him to bring something good to their countries. These people were outraged when they heard what was in Three Cups of Tea. We certainly don't need to foster more mistrust of Americans in these countries. Only Jon Krakauer could make me read something like this all in one sitting. It's only 75 pages, but the print is tiny, so if you have eye trouble, get it for an e-reader or wait for a large-print version.