The Mysterious Case of the Shrinking Rating

The Goldfinch - Donna Tartt

Oh, kiddies. I don't know where to start  in describing my experience of this enormous hunk of enormousness. I came within less than 200 pages of finishing it, but I cannot go on. 


Synopsis of my reading experience: 


First 200 pages = This is outrageously excellent! Five stars for sure. 


Next 200 pages = Getting really sick of Theo and Boris and substance abuse. Four stars, but only if it improves soon. 


Next 170+ pages = Drudgery. Author has written herself into a corner but trudges doggedly on. Three stars, dropping to two stars, and finally 1.5 stars because I cannot force myself to finish. The days go by, reading 8 or 10 pages a day at most.  I hate the characters, hate the book, and come to hate the author because she took 10 years to write a book and wants us to take another 10 years to read it.