Clever Concept, Repetitive Execution Grows Tedious and Confusing

Life After Life - Kate Atkinson

Are all possible futures taking place simultaneously? This is a clever little mind-fuck of a book. I like the idea of living life as the same person again and again rather than being born as someone new in every incarnation. 


The writing is excellent and the concept is intriguing, but the book reminded me why I've never been able to finish one of Kate Atkinson's novels. I did finish this one, but only because I was listening to it rather than reading it. Remember the movie Groundhog Day? This is sort of like that, but without the humor and with a whole lot more repetition. Groundhog Day for detail-oriented obsessive-compulsives, if you will. 


One of the best reasons to read this book is to get a grasp of the daily horror and death and destruction the English endured during the German bombing blitzes of World War Two. I had previously never understood how endless it must have felt to those people. And staunch little England never surrendered to Hitler.