Michael Connelly Kicks Arse, Time After Time

The Gods of Guilt - Michael Connelly

4.5 stars, rounding up to five because there's really only one thing that kept it from being five stars. Said thing being an event near the end of the book that was too predictable due to foreshadowing. Other than that, Michael Connelly has hit another home run for me. You've all heard me sing his praises repeatedly in ways both silly and serious. And he just keeps getting better. 

I have generally enjoyed the Harry Bosch books more than the Mickey Haller books, but this one is just so right and tight in terms of flow and complexity and holding my interest that there's no reason to discriminate against it for being a legal mystery rather than a police procedural. 

Thank you, Mister Connelly, for doing everything right, sticking to what you do best and not trying to be trendy or experimental. I've started and stopped too many novels lately in which the author was attempting too much cleverness or trying to be "groundbreaking" in some way. Be like Michael Connelly. Skip the arty devices that just confuse people and stick to telling a great story. Readers will love you for it.